A life changing era, Rémi Guillet

A life to change era, self-portrait of an "econologist" Rémi Guillet

The “South Seas” editions have just published “A life for a change of era”, the author of which Rémi Guillet has already published on the Econologie.com site… The work and goals of the Econology site converge with those of Rémi and this for 2 main reasons: Rémi defends the links, not necessarily obvious to everyone, between the economy […]

Engineering thermodynamics

By Francis Meunier. Publisher: Dunod - Practical review of cold Publication date: February 12, 2004 Format: Paperback Dimensions: 14 cm x 19 cm x 2 cm Number of pages: 360 Very interesting memory aid for all those who have notions of thermodynamics. The section on sustainable development brings a new vision, which some will find […]

Life after oil

by Jean-Luc Wingert (Author), Jean Laherrère (Preface). 238 pages. Publisher: Editions Autrement (February 25, 2005) Presentation While the global quantities of oil consumed are more and more important, those that are discovered are less and less: currently, each year we discover two to three times less oil than […]

The total capitalism

Jean Peyrelevade 93 pages Publisher: Seuil (October 7, 2005) Presentation Modern capitalism is organized like a gigantic public limited company. Basically, three hundred million shareholders control almost all of the world's market capitalization. Often mature, with higher education, with a relatively high level of income, they entrust half of their […]

The ball of capitalism

“Reporters” program broadcast on Friday, June 2, 2006 on RTL-TVI Synopsis Each year, Brussels is the scene of a politico-social event, to say the least, the ball of capitalism. Strong supporters of ultra liberalism come together to celebrate an economic system that they believe will bring humanity to happiness. However, some voices disturb […]

Energy from Water? WCCO

Small program on the dangers of their dependence on oil broadcast on the American channel CBS More information: - Videos on free energy - Free energy and Tesla We briefly see Steve Meyer, the brother of the famous Stanley Meyer. This video is in English, so here is the full text of the video for those who […]

Responses, Oil Prices

Debate program "Response: Soaring oil prices, how far? »Keywords: oil, energy, cost, increase, barrel, price, future, future. Program aired on April 23 on France 5 at 18:00 p.m. with the following guests: Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Yves Cochet, Eric Laurent, Jean-Marie Chevalier, Jean-Louis Schilansky and Michel-Edouard Leclerc. Summary We are in […]

I blame the triumphant economy

Albert Jacquard Language French Publisher: LGF - Livre de Poche (January 12, 2000) Collection: LiteratureFormat: Pocket - 188 pagesISBN: 2253147753 Summary There is no longer a day when we are not told that the economy governs the world, that the laws of profitability and the market constitute an absolute truth. Anyone who disputes […]

Scholars cursed T3

Cursed scholars, Excluded researchers: Tome 3 by Pierre Lance Language: French Publisher: Publisher Guy Tredaniel (February 6, 2006) Collection: Illegal survivors and forbidden healings Format: Paperback - 343 pages ISBN: 2844456545 Dimensions (in cm): 16 x 2 x 24 Cursed scholars of book: Georges Lakhovsky - Russian engineer emigrated to France, he […]

Scholars cursed T2

Cursed scholars, Excluded researchers: Tome 2 by Pierre Lance Language: French Publisher: Publisher Guy Tredaniel (February 21, 2005) Collection: Illegal survivors and forbidden healings Format: Paperback - 351 pages ISBN: 2844455727 Dimensions (in cm): 16 x 2 x 24 Book scholars : Nikola Tesla, American engineer of Serbian origin, who was one of the […]

Scholars cursed T1

Cursed scholars, Excluded researchers: Tome 1 de Pierre Lance Language: French Publisher: Publisher Guy Tredaniel (September 22, 2003) Collection: Illegal survivors and forbidden healings Format: Paperback - 360 pages ISBN: 2844454577 Dimensions (in cm): 16 x 2 x 24 Book scholars : Paul Kammerer - Austrian biologist, proved the inheritance of acquired characters, […]

Earth in danger

La Terre en Danger (Book accompanied by a documentary DVD) Technical information: Book and documentary DVD by Gary Johnstone with Aidan McArdle, Shirley Hender Son, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Sam West and Hélène De Fougerolles. Language: French Publisher: Fleurus (March 10, 2006) Collection: Voir la terre Format: Album - 80 pages […]

Intoxication of power

The intoxication of power Technical information: French film. Genre: Drama. Release date: February 22, 2006 Directed by Claude Chabrol With Isabelle Huppert, François Berléand, Patrick Bruel Duration: 1h 50min. Year of production: 2005 Synopsis Jeanne Charmant Killman, investigating judge, is responsible for unraveling a complex case of embezzlement and embezzlement […]

Public regulation and environment. Ecological questions economic answers

Public regulation and environment. Ecological questions economic answers Yannick Rumpala March 2003 - L'Harmattan - Political Logics collection 374 pages What happens to concerns about the environment when they are taken care of by the public authorities? The turn of the 1980s and 1990s marked an apparent widening of the audience for these concerns in France, although […]

Earth disease

Hubert Reeves Format: Paperback - 260 pages - Publisher: Seuil (April 1, 2003) Our planet is going badly: global warming, depletion of natural resources, soil and water pollution caused by civil and war industries, disparity of wealth, human malnutrition, staggering rate of extinction of living species, etc. Is the situation […]

When Science said: it's impossible

Collective of author Paperback - 159 pages (1999) Abstract A philosopher, three scientists and an illustrator present here twelve impossibilities: mathematics, physics, biological, etc. A fruitful reflection on the nature of science and its limits Econology comments Reflections on scientific thought and dogmatism which, by definition, cannot exist! “Hundreds of experiments are […]

Energy, ecology, economy

Pillet & T. Odum 257 pages (July 30, 1998) The authors try to find a methodical passage between ecology and economy (econology?). The vector they use is that of energy. Rather technically oriented, the economic point of view is not neglected by the authors. Econology comments Excellent introduction to eco-energy analysis and to […]

Earth heritage

The Earth as a Legacy, Jean-Marie Pelt Fayard, (September 19, 2000) The author always loyally presents the arguments of his adversaries and the doubts that research has not yet dispelled: the greenhouse effect and the evolution of weather; pollution of air, water and soil; the need to preserve biodiversity; the dangers represented […]

Freud and Tesla

Robert Dilts 391 pages (November 4, 1996) Desclée de Brouwer; (The Strategies of Engineering) Abstract From the analysis of the behaviors of Freud and the engineer Tesla, the author examines the processes of creation of these two men of genius using the tools of neurolinguistic programming (NLP ). Each of us can develop our own […]

The emergence of cultural creatives

Paul H. Ray, Sherry Ruth Anderson (February 2, 2001) Yves Michel Resumé In the USA, and throughout the Western world, we are witnessing the rapid emergence of a group with new values, the Cultural Creatives. They already represent 26% of the American population. They happily combine ecology, organic food, personal development, alternative medicine, […]

The Green Deception

Pierre Kohler 280 pages, September 3, 2002, Albin Michel Resumé At the end of a long investigation, Pierre Kohler, who for more than twenty years was head of RTL's scientific information service, reveals the strange collusion that unites environmentalists, scientists, industrialists, politicians and journalists for "ideological" or mercantile purposes. The laudable struggle […]

The Hidden Face of Greenpeace

Olivier Vermont, Albin Michel, 1997 Summary: Investigative journalist, Olivier Vermont wanted to put himself in the shoes of a militant environmentalist. His file was polished, his contacts made and forward for ten months of immersion in the great ecological bath. Infiltrated within the international organization Greenpeance, Olivier Vermont meets all the players, from the simple activist to […]

Ecological habitat

by Kur Resumé F. Kur begins by describing the criteria to be taken into account for the choice of materials and how to calculate their impact on the environment (beware of preconceived ideas!). Then, he makes a list of them by describing their properties, their uses and evaluates their impact on the environment. In short, a short, precise book full of […]

The climate future: what will the weather be like?

Jean-Marc JancoviciSeuil, 2002 Summary: Jean-Marc Jancovici, consulting engineer, polytechnician experienced in scientific analyzes, continues with Climate Future, the reflection of his previous book The greenhouse effect: are we going to change the climate? published with climatologist Hervé Le Treut. Global knowledge on the evolution of climates is enriched here with elements of comparison and forecast, […]

The Greenhouse Effect: Are we going to change the climate?

by Hervé Le Treut, Jean-Marc Jancovici Flammarion, 2004 Summary: Since the appearance of life, man is the first species able to upset the climatic conditions reigning on Earth. In less than a century, the increase in the greenhouse effect, a consequence of the increasing use of energy, is likely to cause unprecedented warming of […]

Climate: Dangerous game

de Jouzel, DebroiseDunod, 2004 Summary: Remember the summer of 2003. The suffocating heat. Difficult nights. Nearly fifteen thousand additional deaths in France. Temperatures were 4 ° C higher than during the 1900-2003 period. If we are not careful, these heat waves will be almost systematic in France, in the summer, in 50 years. Meteorologist's delirium […]

The Titanic Syndrome

by Nicolas HulotCalmann-Lévy, 2004 Summary: The days of the world as we know it are numbered. Like the passengers of the Titanic, we rush into the dark night, dancing and laughing, with the selfishness and arrogance of superior beings convinced to be "masters of themselves as of the universe". And yet, the warning signs of the sinking are piling up […]

A citizen's perspective on the economy

by André-Jacques Holbecq Language: French Publisher: Yves Michel (September 23, 2002) Collection: Economy Format: Paperback - 261 pages Business DigestJosé Bové does not have to worry: his succession is assured. In this book, in fact, André-Jacques Holbecq, president of the ATTAC Association of Bouches-du-Rhône, is not afraid of words to criticize society […]

Einstein: biography of an equation

E = mc², biography of an equation An exceptional documentary fiction in the footsteps of the most famous equation in the world and the illustrious scientists who helped bring it to life. A fascinating documentary-fiction to bring to life the epic of one of the greatest discoveries of all time, through a striking gallery of portraits spanning the centuries […]

CIA, Secret Wars

CIA, secret wars More than 50 years of CIA history through unpublished testimonies by one of the greatest French documentary filmmakers. Debate on forums: CIA Secret Wars Technical Information: Documentary film by William Karel.Arte Video - 2004 Theaters released: 2003 PAL - Zone 2 / Dolby Digital Stereo / […]

The house of Saud

The House of Saud "The House of Saoud" by Jihan El Tahri retraces the history of Saudi Arabia through the reign of its five kings and allows us to understand the major themes which form the basis of the country's domestic and international politics: 'Islam, oil, relations with the United States, the Palestinian question. The […]


Syriana Technical information: American film. Genre: Espionage, Thriller. With George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright. Directed by Stephen Gaghan Release date in France: February 22, 2006 Duration: 2h08min. Why this film on econology? Econologie.com supports the film Syriana because it denounces the mafia methods employed by our largest companies and / or […]

Free energy

Extract from a video on Free energy (Odyssée 1998) These videos are only accessible to members. Click here to find out how to become a member. Here are 3 excerpts from a video on an extremely sensitive subject: free energy, also called absolute zero energy or vacuum energy. The excess energy observed in certain inventions is called free energy. […]

Mobile phones, danger? All guinea pigs?

Mobile phones, Danger? Documentary on the risks of Electromagnetic Waves from mobile telephony, notably with Jean-Pierre Lentin This is one of the very first documentaries on the danger of waves, produced in the early 2000s. Keywords: relay antenna, cell phone, danger , health, precautionary principle, health study. The major French TV channels […]

Darwin's Nightmare

Darwin's nightmare Technical information: French, Austrian, Belgian documentary film Release date: 02 March 2005 Directed by Hubert Sauper Duration: 1h 47min Original title: Darwin's nightmare Summary The shores of the largest tropical lake in the world, considered to be the cradle of humanity, are today the scene of the worst nightmare of globalization. In […]