A life changing era, Rémi Guillet

A life to change era, self-portrait of an "econologist" Rémi Guillet

The "South Seas" editions have just published "A life for a change of era" whose author Rémi Guillet has already published numerous articles on the Econologie.com site… The work and goals of the Econologie site converge with those of Rémi and this for 2 essential reasons: Rémi defends the links, not necessarily obvious to everyone, between the economy and the ecology and ... in addition, he has a doctorate on wet combustion and other thermodynamic cycles favored by water injection, work which is also the workhorse of Christophe Martz, founder of the Econologie.com site

Summary of the book by Rémi Guillet

A life changing era, Rémi Guillet
A life to change the era, Rémi Guillet

Born in 1943 in a family of sailors - fishermen from the island of Noirmoutier about which he speaks to us with tenderness in “Noirmoutier, an island that seduces! », Rémi Guillet is one of those rare adolescents who, in the 50s and coming from a modest background, did higher education and in his case twice, at 20 and at 60!

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"So in June 1966 I was an engineer, but in an industry which hardly attracted me and the sixteen months of military service in a consulting engineering studies would reinforce my belief that I had to find a profession more in harmony with my aspirations, close to nature, and the possible environmentally ... the mysterious side of energy such as felt from my childhood was then resurface at this crucial time for the search (applied) in the fossil fuel sector comes to me as obvious. And I was going to put all my heart and soul to go beyond the tasks before me ... ".

similar scenario on the eve of his retirement would be for the author the opportunity of a new challenge, first university in the field of economy or more precisely at the intersection between the economic and the social.

"And I will do so, in the beginning of the millennium, all I can to offer and especially validate a model out with that, I think, and for over thirty years, had brought the Western world to walk on the head ... ".

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This autobiographical book that evokes the "inventions" of its author in its two areas of predilection also focuses on some more general thoughts while many often truculent anecdotes arising from its business travel worldwide punctuate this text ...

Learn more and buy this book (€ 10) on page Rémi Guillet on the publisher's website

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