Life after oil

by Jean-Luc Wingert (Author), Jean Laherrère (Preface). 238 pages. Publisher: other (February 25 2005)

life after oil


While the global quantities of oil consumed are more and more important, those that are discovered are less and less: currently, we discover each year two to three times less oil than we consume. This trend cannot continue indefinitely ... And if oil has already experienced several crises, it seems that the one that awaits us is of an unprecedented scale and is coming much sooner than we generally imagine ... How can the situation to evolve ? When are we at risk of a shortage? What is peak oil production? And above all, how and with what alternative energies to apprehend, anticipate and experience this “post-oil” era? Here are the questions that Life after Oil tries to answer in a didactic and accessible way thanks in particular to graphs, commented tables and boxes.

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