Energy liberalization in 2007: a trap for consumers?

From July 1, 2007, any consumer of electricity and / or gas who has chosen to enter into a contract with a supplier on the market where prices are free will no longer be able to benefit from the regulated gas or gas tariff. electricity except in case of move.

The government intends to lock up the consumer and make it the guinea pig of the reform because he knows, as analysts of the sector, that price slippage is more than likely in the medium term.

In the next 5 years, these markets will be open to competition in the law but certainly not in reality!

On the contrary, EDF and GDF do not have to fear competition and will have complete freedom to take advantage of their extremely dominant position because:

1- The export capacities of other European countries are weak, or even non-existent,

2- The electricity and gas interconnection networks are already saturated, limiting the possibilities of exports,

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3- The few potentially competing companies charge prices on their respective markets which are not very competitive, ie higher than those of EDF or GDF on the French market.

Consumers do not want to live the bitter experience of some companies who have chosen to subscribe to an offer on the unregulated market that has experienced an increase in their 73% electric bills in less than two years, without being able to "backtrack".

The current text will also and consequently create an unacceptable unequal treatment between consumers benefiting from the regulated tariff and those permanently locked in markets (gas and electricity) with high inflation risk.

For the UFC-Que Choisir, as long as the conditions for real competition are not met, the government must allow consumers to benefit from the regulated tariff at any time.

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