Excess mortality due to ambient ozone

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At the time of the heat wave and ozone peaks in Europe, we would like to remind you that the (over?) Pollution kills indeed as evidenced récement US studies published.

Three studies published in the journal Epidemiology showed an association between the lower atmosphere ozone levels and mortality rates. Independently conducted by researchers from Yale, Harvard and New York on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these three meta-analyzes that summarize the results of previous work, start from different data come to the same conclusion.

The first is based on figures 14 US cities, Canadian and European 13 21. The second uses the information from the National Morbidity and Mortality Air Pollution Study (NMMAPS) including 95 cities and a set of European Studies. The third, smaller, refers to data 7 US cities.

The two meta-analyzes conducted by Levy and Bell show that when the ozone level rises 10 parts per billion (ppb), mortality (including cardiovascular and respiratory) in the days following increases of 0,87% for one and 0,83% one.

The phenomenon, small but real, is especially marked in the summer but appears independent of the level of suspended particles.

These results, which confirm those of European studies, underscore the urgency to develop measures to reduce public exposure to ambient ozone, especially during periods of hot weather.

It should be noted that the authors do not exclude a bias in the data collected and therefore their conclusions.

According NYT (New York Times) of 21 / 06 / 05 (Environment: linking to high ozone Increased death rates)
Source: Adit

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