Catastrophic scenarios that are suffocating Europe

Fires, floods, reduced snow cover, the disappearance of half of the plant species ... These are some of the celebrations for Europe foreseen in the report supervised by the German Institute for Climate Impact Research of Potsdam (Pik ). His main conclusion? The mountainous and Mediterranean regions should be the ones that will suffer the most on the 2080 horizon.

Four scenarios. This paper, published Thursday in the journal Science, brings together the work of sixteen European research institutes on the consequences in Europe of climate change, the atmospheric content of CO2 and land use. This study is based on four scenarios developed by the UN Panel of Experts on the Climate (IPCC), according to the evolution of economic and energy policies. All expect a warming of 2,1 to 4,4 ° C on average in Europe in seventy years. For Stéphane Hallegatte, environmental economist at the Stanford Institute for International Studies and the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, this study is "unpublished by the scale of the evaluation. To bring together in a single frame researchers from different horizons can highlight some interactions water stress can not be disconnected from agriculture: if there are water reserves can irrigate, otherwise it is impossible. In addition, the tools are more sophisticated than those used by previous studies.

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