Government launches investigation into human contamination with dioxins from incinerators

Afssa and INVS launch a national survey on the dioxin impregnation of the population. Objective of these two public bodies: to quantify a possible over-impregnation by dioxins of the populations living near waste incineration plants (UIOM). About a thousand people will answer a questionnaire about their eating habits and their environment and will be tested for possible dioxins and heavy metals in their bodies. After a test phase conducted at the end of 2004 at Gilly-sur-Isère (Savoie) and at Pluzunet (Côtes-d'Armor), the studied populations will be chosen around eight incinerators as well as in control areas far from any UIOM . The results of the study are expected by the end of the first semester 2006.
Afssa is the French Food Safety Agency and INVS is the Institute for Public Health Surveillance.
To download the press release on the INVS website, click here.


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