Are the Neobanks more ethical when it comes to investing?

The néobanque is a financial institution not attached to a traditional bank and which works only on the web and on smartphones (via an application). Through its digital services, this new generation of banking is attracting more and more followers. Is it more interesting than traditional banks? What sets it apart from an online bank? This is what we will discover in this article.

What is a neobank?

Also called mobile banking, the neobank is a bank that offers payment methods on a website or through a mobile application. Thanks to digital, it offers innovative services to users.

Neobanks appeared around the 2010s. They offer digital accounts and payment methods different from traditional banks. Their goal: to allow customers to remotely manage and access their bank account. Thanks to this digital bank, you have the possibility ofopen a bank account online, from your mobile, very easily, in a few minutes.

What is the difference between a neobank and an online bank?

It is difficult to say whether the system of a neobank is better than an online bankbecause it is very different. This type of bank offers a 100% mobile access and is not attached to any traditional bank. In contrast, an online bank is an online version of an already existing bank. It has a seat and offers the same services as this one. Online banks are therefore a subsidiary of traditional banks or large groups.

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In addition to the possibility of opening an account very quickly, neobanks advocate better service at a lower cost. Transfers, withdrawals, payment anywhere in the world, collection of checks and direct debit, but also collection of your customers by credit card, simplification of your company's accounting, payment of salaries, digitization of expense reports, simple edition of quotes and invoices, obtaining financing… The services are numerous and optimized, at clear and transparent prices.

For companies, the neobank is indeed an ideal solution for manage both the finances of the company, as well as its personal expenses, using two separate accounts (professional account and personal account), with no less than three MasterCard bank cards.

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Why choose a neobank?

Although most neobanks do not have a banking license (accounts without a bank), they do offer competitive rates and do not ask for any income condition. These advantages make neobanks the new benchmark for online accounts.

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If these banks are so successful, it is also because they guarantee better financial freedom. Moreover, they are ideal for connected users, such as young people and travelers, but also make life easier for companies. By modernizing the offerings of traditional banks and offering reduced costs, this new generation of digital banking attracts more and more customers.

In terms of products and services, neobanks are much more flexible and more practical than traditional banks. They offer offers and features that cannot be found in the latter. Thanks to digitization, they also ensure a reliable, fast and secure service.

These services allow you to effectively manage your finances, wherever you are (provided you have an internet connection). Unlike traditional banks, they require few administrative documents and allow quick and easy account opening.

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In addition to the immediacy of the services, the difference in prices and charges between neobanks and traditional banks is a good reason to choose them.

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