The images of global warming and gas hydrates

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For those who still think that global warming is a heresy or environmentalists who do that for this, here are some pictures and data that should make them change their mind ...

"We" are indeed starting the 6th mass extinction ... the release of methane hydrates will do the "rest".

It is indeed a cause that seems most likely to explain the greater extinction the world has ever known: that of premien..

In fact, after different researchers, this seems extinction due to global warming in two steps and this on tens of thousands of years.
1) Volcanic eruptions began a warming of about 4 5 to ° C.
2) The first warming was enough to release massive amounts of methane hydrates that would have doubled the effect of the first warming to either 10 12 ° C. (This places the Sahara at latitude of Belgium)

Replace volcanic eruptions by our greenhouse gas emissions and it may well be that the phenomenon happens again ... but so much faster ... A few centuries at most.

See the website Worldviewofglobalwarming

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