Energy labels go to dealerships

Announced by the government in July 2004, energy labels are beginning to appear at dealerships.

Mandatory on new cars presented in showrooms as of 14 May 2006, it will enable France to fulfill its commitment under the Kyoto Protocol with regard to greenhouse gas emissions.

Graduated from A to G, this energy label is similar to that for some household products. It informs buyers at a glance on the amount of CO2 emitted per kilometer by the vehicle. This gas is directly responsible for global warming, so this is an ecological measure and information.

Citroën will not have waited until the deadline of 14 next May to equip its outlets with regulatory energy labels. The early implementation of this measure has already begun since the end of December 2005 and is spreading very quickly so that the entire network France is equipped during the month of February, well before the date set by the government.

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This new labeling will probably have a detrimental effect on the cars of big engine extremely polluting according to some.

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