The United States dominates the production of GMOs

This is not a surprise, Americans remain the first producers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). According to a report from a University of Minnesota researcher on behalf of the Information Biotechnology Council (Washington DC), an industry-related association, 67,5 million hectares have been devoted to GMOs in the world in 2003-2004, representing a total market of 43,9 billion. Currently, eighteen countries practice the cultivation of transgenic plants (mainly soya beans, maize, cotton and rapeseed) but five of them dominate the sector: the United States of course (which account for 63% of exploited GMO surfaces) , Argentina (21%), Canada (6%) then Brazil and China (4%). US dominance is further enhanced by the number and diversity of modified plants allowed for cultivation, 14 to date (including melon, rice, beets, tobacco, tomatoes, etc.).

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LAT 08 / 12 / 04

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