Renewable energies remain in an upward trend

In the past year, renewable energies in Germany supplied about 55,9 Terawatts hour (TWh) of current, which allowed to cover 9,3% of gross national current consumption. In 2003 this proportion was 7,9%.

For the first time, wind turbines in Germany produced more power in 2004 than hydraulic plants, and Germany also for the first time became world leader in
construction of photovoltaic installations: with a power
Installed photovoltaic system of 300 MW, Germany ahead of Japan (280 MW).
The proportion of heat produced from renewable energies has also increased slightly over the last year to 4,2%. Biomass, solar energy and geothermal energy produced 2004 62,1 TWh of heat, about 1,3 TWh more than the previous year.

Sources: VDI Nachrichten, 25 / 02 / 2005
Editor: Nicolas Condette,

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