The Picardy agricultural cooperatives together to develop biomass.

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22 Picardy cooperatives have created the Coopénergie® Picardie Cooperative Union to develop biomass supply chains in line with the needs of industry and communities in the region.

At a time when the biomass is talking about her through biofuels, fuel wood or agro-materials, 22 Picardie unions gather around the Coopénergie® Cooperatives Union Picardy. Created under the leadership of the Regional Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (ACBF) of Picardie, this Cooperative Union has a twofold objective: to create economic and sustainable biomass sectors and be a technical tool for these sectors.
Coopénergie wants to make the connection between farmers and industrial or communities wishing to embark on a biomass project. The union will ensure firstly to guarantee farmers a fair and consistent remuneration and secondly to ensure a viable and sustainable supply to end customers. For this Coopénergie will assume the organization of the management and distribution of biomass with the aim of developing local projects. Coopénergie will have missions resource plans for the various projects, contracting biomass volumes on behalf of its member cooperatives and monitoring of various tenders in the region.

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