Wood boilers, more and more popular in Germany

In Germany, wood has become an attractive alternative for home heating. Today, Germany has around eight million wood-fired boilers, with an expected increase of 200.000 new boilers per year.

This development is explained first of all by the importance of the subsidies granted by the German State for the use of renewable energies. Indeed, within the framework of its program of stimulation of the market, the federal government supports the acquisition of a boiler with wood to the tune of 1360 euros, provided that its output is superior to 90%. Regional financial support can also be obtained, as in the Land North Rhine-Westphalia which grants additional support of 1.500 euros.

The development of wood-fired boilers is also due to the sharp increase in the prices of fossil energy. Indeed, according to the German federation of real estate companies, the price of heating energy of fossil origin would have increased by 50% between 2000 and 2005. Given the tense situation of the world energy market, this situation is brought about. to extend. Wood fuel is thus becoming an increasingly profitable alternative.

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Finally, the increase in the number of wood-fired boilers can be explained by the development of new high-performance appliances, such as automatic pellet stoves. Pellets are small sawmill residues such as shavings or sawdust. In 2005, 14.000 pellet stoves were sold in Germany, doubling sales compared to 2004.

The total number of pellet stoves in use in Germany today amounts to around 40.000.


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