eco-friendly gold jewelry

Ecological gold jewelry

For centuries, gold has been used to make jewelry. However, very often the practices related to the work of this noble material are doubtful. The exploitation of gold mines has a significant impact on the environment and authentic know-how. Fortunately, the jewelry sector is demystifying, ethical creation thus becomes a priority and results in particular in the recycling of gold.

The ecological impact of gold mining

The production of 3g of gold requires 1500 liters of water, 10g of mercury, 100g of cyanide and more than 5 tons of waste released into nature. The social and ecological impact of gold mining is indeed disastrous. Gold is one of the rarest and most difficult metals to extract. In addition, deforestation and population evictions are generally necessary for exploitation.

Apart from the pollution of soils and waterways, exploitation is carried out under questionable circumstances. The working conditions and even the sources of funding relating to the creation of jewelry remain unclear. Illegal logging and non-respect for human rights are also to be noted. Gold recycling is therefore an excellent solution to consider, even an imperative for continue the production of jewelry without impoverishing the earth.

Almost half of the amount of gold produced is used in the manufacture of jewelry. It means that le recycling can cover most of the world's gold needs. It is made from jewelry, but also from various objects that go through different processes to separate pure gold from other materials.

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In addition, many people spend in the purchase of gold coins without knowing the origin of the raw materials. In an era where environmental protection is a real necessity for every person, transparency is essential. It is also important to get jewelry from a designer who can answer your questions sincerely. This is one of the points of honor of the Green online jewelry OR DU MONDE, the first jewelry store to have chosen to produce jewelry with an environmental impact.

Buy green jewelry from an extraordinary brand

Created by a passionate team of jewelry, united by the desire to lower production demand, OR DU MONDE offers you an innovative approach to gold consumption. The recycling of gold is indeed our hobbyhorse to offer you 100% ecological jewelry. Gold can in fact be recycled indefinitely without losing an ounce of its original properties. Opting for recycling allows the metal to come back to life by eliminating the polluting step.

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Our efforts thus prevent the planet from suffering the horrors of the release of a quantity of CO2 equivalent to that produced by 329 Paris-New York flights. In 2020, our carbon footprint was reduced by 5 compared to ordinary jewelry. In 7 years, we have recycled 190 kilos of gold, an amount that would have required more than 380000 tons of minerals, 130 million liters of water, 11000 tons of cyanide and 766 kilos of mercury. Our jewelry has thus become a real French success in the jewelry sector.

Every woman should be able to wear ethical diamond jewelry which reflect all the thoroughness we show in the search for the perfect diamond. Thanks to the exceptional jewelery know-how of our creators, you kill two birds with one stone by choosing jewelry that combines aesthetics and ethics. We are reviving the artisanal methods that allow us to make refined, artistic and durable jewelry, offered at competitive prices.

At OR DU MONDE, we have decided to make a gesture for the planet by revealing the hidden environmental reality in terms of gold production. We wish to participate in the awakening and awareness of consumers and producers in order to preserve geological and mining resources of the planet. We therefore support and involve more local players in production. Our jewelry is made in France, manufactured under strict conditions of respect for people and the environment.

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OR DU MONDE constantly implements optimal traceability. We can certify the origin and ethical provenance of the materials used in the making of our jewelry. Our diamonds and precious stones are traced back to the original mine, a revolutionary treatment that we are the only ones to favor on French territory. In order to offer excellence to our customers, we do not hesitate to travel to the source in order to select partners who share our values.

It is important for us to favor producing countries and companies with a responsible approach. Choose to recycle your unused items, go for repair, and get new jewelry from eco-friendly producers. Gold will thus cost less to consumers and to the Earth.

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