Banks on the way to environmental responsibility?

With the campaign "French banks: spare the climate!" »Launched in January 2006, and a consequent report published a month later, Friends of the Earth did not go to half measures to make the banks react on their environmental responsibility. Findings, analyzes, recommendations, the NGO's approach seems to be bearing fruit.

One month after the launch of the campaign “French banks: spare the climate! ", Friends of the Earth published a report in February entitled" French banks and the environment: almost everything remains to be done. »After a precise analysis of the environmental management system, the environmental policy assessment system, direct environmental impacts, and finally indirect impacts (investment and financing policies), the report concludes that, among the eight French banks studied *, none currently has a real environmental policy. According to the NGO, the banks do not provide proof that they make the environment the priority they all show. It points out in particular the virtual absence of transparency, vague environmental objectives, the absence of added value on the part of banks having adopted voluntary commitments such as the Global Compact and underlines the need to generalize and strengthen the provisions of the NRE law.

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