The Alps are warming at a faster pace

The temperature in the French Alps has increased from 1 to 3 degrees over the past forty years according to the mountains, "more than in the rest of France," says a study published Friday by Météo-France also showing a deficit of snow in recent years.
While the temperature has increased from 1 degree Celsius over French territory in a century, it has increased in the Alps, "to 1800 m during the winter," from 1 to 3 degrees in the most recent 40 years.
This increase in temperatures is especially marked at the beginning and end of winter, and it is particularly notable since the 80 and 90 years. "The French Alps therefore appear to be very exposed to the warming of the atmosphere in winter," says Météo-France.
This climatological study of the Alps from 1958 to the present day also shows that "the most recent years appear to be mostly deficit" in snowmaking.
According to its authors, researchers at the Météo-France Snow Study Center, located near Grenoble, there have been these 40 last years' particularly snowy winters from 1975 to 1985 and a white gold deficit of 1987 to 1993 ".

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