Download: LedConsommation, free software the real cost of car odometer returns or motorcycle

LedConsumption, free 100% software without registration and very complete calculation of the real cost of your vehicle!

LedConsommation, unlike its name, does not concern lighting but vehicles. It allows you to accurately calculate the real costs of using a car, motorbike, truck… and even boat, plane or whatever moves if you want by doing some mental gymnastics !!

It will allow you to completely manage your vehicles (3 maximum) and thus to know your consumption and your actual costs.

Features of LedConsumption

  • Statistics on fuel consumption, distance traveled with a full tank, the price per liter, the volume of a tank and the breakdown of your costs.
  • Monthly or annual report on the number of kilometers, the costs, the cost per kilometer or the total cost per kilometer.
  • Definition of periodic costs (insurance, revision, etc.) with alarm.
  • Possibility to know the geographical distribution of the full and expenses.
  • Ability to create new cards.
  • …and more!
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Download Led consumption, software 100% free of cost real mileage car, truck or motorcycle

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