When confinement gives more time for DIY!

La current covid-19 pandemic plaguing the world is causing great upheavals in society. Indeed, the containment of the population is one of the measures that many governments have adopted in affected countries, including France.

The Government has also recently informed that confinement on French territory will continue until May 11. And even if deconfinement is planned by then, it is an objective whose achievement would be subject to improving the current situation in France.

To distract yourself during confinement, many activities are in the spotlight in French homes. Many are also engaged in DIY and energy renovation work to kill time intelligently!

Le DIY and works : activities very popular during confinement

Do-it-yourself work and carrying out “home” work are highly appreciated during confinement. This is because it is possible to continue to get materials and equipment more or less important with specialized stores such as cmesmat.fr, which continues to deliver to customers' homes.

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Since it is difficult to hire craftsmen to carry out minor repairs in the house, DIY is now essential. This activity is also appreciated for its calming side and allows you to repair or design your furniture yourself! A great idea for recycle old furniture rather than throwing it away. So, you combine DIY occupation and ecological gesture!

In addition, you can also take advantage of confinement to do the work yourself energy renovation that your home needs. However, note that you will not be able to benefit from the state aid provided for this purpose. But without considering very large projects, some work within everyone's reach is accessible to make your home greener this spring!

energy DIY

Do-It-Yourself Energy Renovation Work

You can take advantage of your free time to do energy-saving work in your home.

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You can for example install a lighting solar on your terrace or in your garden. To do this, you just have to order solar terminals online, then plant them along your garden path. If you have little space, you can also find solar lights for the gutters.

You can also make your own rainwater collector to save water on watering plants and for sanitary facilities. To do this, you just need to equip yourself with a 300 liter tank, and make an overflow from a sleeve and a PVC washer.

To better insulate your house, you can also seal the windows and doors to the outside yourself. You just need to equip yourself with insulation such as sealant or a foam or rubber gasket. You will be better protected from the cold in winter, but also from outside noise! Also think about improving the insulation of your garage door, often an important source of leaks and thermal bridges, even for recent models!

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Finally, if the roof of your house is sloped, it is possible to provide a good airtight insulation. Then just cover everything with a vapor hydro regulating, then fix it with a gasket or insulation putty.

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