Launch of a competence network on fuels of the future

The Minister of Energy of the Land of North Rhine-Westpahlie, Mr. Axel
Horstmann, and his counterpart from the Ministry of the Environment, Mrs. Barbel Hohn, on the occasion of the “E-world” energy fair in Essen, commonly gave the green light to the creation of a network of skills on the fuels of the future.

"The competence network should contribute to reducing in the long term the dependence of the German transport sector on oil (it is 97% at present)" declared Mr. Horstmann. It will also enable new fuels to be put on the market and new engines to be developed.

“The development of bioenergy will also allow the creation of new jobs,” Ms. Hohn added. “We expect that by 2020 biofuels will be able to cover up to 25% of fuel consumption in Germany. This represents an annual production of 11 million tonnes of fuel and a cultivation area of ​​around 3,5 million hectares of rapeseed ”. This would represent a potential of 175.000 jobs, mainly in the agricultural sector.

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Sources: VDI Nachrichten, 24 / 03 / 2005
Editor: Nicolas Condette,

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