Launch of the ethical advertising network? has decided to join forces with the launch of a new type of advertising agency: an ethical and humanitarian agency.

The project is run by an association and should be of great interest to webmasters who regularly visit

Below, a brief description of this new kind of management.

"GoodAction" is an association governed by the 1er Law of July 1901 and the 16 August 1901 Decree.

The GoodAction Association aims to develop means and services aimed at democratizing human and citizen values ​​related to sustainable development. It is committed to offering alternative and sustainable solutions in terms of communication and consumption. It values ​​the image, through its action, of the actors of ecology and sustainable development. It is present, at first, by its website Associative Advertising Agency. It raises funds to subsidize humanitarian and environmental actions.

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To get an idea of ​​the targeted sites, check out the GoodAction partner page

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