Launch of a campaign to reduce household waste in France

The government is attacking the trash cans of the French: the Minister of Ecology Nelly Olin on Monday launched a communication campaign to stem the mountain of household garbage, growing by 1% per year.

Every French person produces on average 1 kg of waste per day, ie 360 kg per year, of which only 12% is recycled and 6% transformed into compost. Despite sorting, 80% of the waste is still going to landfill or is incinerated without further treatment.

However, treatment capacities are at saturation point and the setting up of new factories or landfills is encountering opposition from the populations.

To break the deadlock, Ms. Olin intends to “involve the French”. Clearly, you have to buy better and throw away less.

The Minister's objective is to reduce the amount of waste landfilled or incinerated from 290 kg per capita per year to 250 kg in 5 years and 200 kg in 10 years.

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