Launching Kyot'Home

by J.Lefebvre and C.Martz

With the Kyot'Home program, goes to practice!

Since this site is based on the primary idea that "ecology" and "economics" can be reconciled, we suggest that you go to practice with Kyot'Home, by reaching, at your own level, the European objectives of the Kyoto Protocol… And by making serious savings on your invoices!

Your objective will be, thanks to the help of a small program of our design, to analyze and reduce your energy consumption, in order to lower your emissions enough so that your house becomes a "Kyot'Home"
(although it is possible that your accommodation is already within Kyoto limits).

A "Kyot'Home" (a term created by Julien Lefebvre and Christophe Martz) is a house where each inhabitant emits 8% less greenhouse gases than 1990, in accordance with the commitments made by the Union in Kyoto.

We hope that you will like this approach and will allow us to make a little effort for the environment together… this in an “econological” way!

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