Launch in Brazil the first world alcohol-produced aircraft

The world's first mass-produced alcohol plane, the Ipanema, is delivered to an aerial fumigation company on Tuesday in Botocatu, 220 km from Sao Paulo, by a subsidiary of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.
“Up to now we had modified the engines of some planes so that they could run on alcohol, but the Ipanema will be the first mass-produced alcohol plane in the world to be delivered”, explained an official of the company. 'Embraer, the world's fourth largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft.
The alcoholic version of the Ipanema agricultural aircraft, sales leader in its category in Brazil with nearly 1.000 aircraft, was manufactured by the Neiva Aeronautical Industry, a subsidiary of Embraer and responsible for the agricultural aviation sector.
Neiva industry used data from the Aerospace Technical Center (CTA, public) on its fuel alcohol aircraft engine project (made from sugar cane), started in the 1980s and abandoned a few years later for lack of silver.
The use of combustible alcohol has greater technical efficiency and lower costs than gasoline while being much less polluting, according to Embraer.
The cost of using alcohol is in fact three to four times less than that of aviation gasoline. Brazil is also a major producer of alcohol (extracted from sugar cane), which explains the choice of Embraer.
An alcohol engine allows an increase of its power of about 5%.
In addition, this fuel increases the general efficiency of the airplane by reducing its take-off distance and by increasing its speed in particular.

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source: Tribune de Geneve

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