Economic lamps, minimal electromagnetic field

A study carried out by the Mobile Communication Research Foundation on behalf of the Federal Office of Energy (OFEN) and the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) shows that the electromagnetic radiation of economic lamps is located in the same order of magnitude as the radiation of traditional incandescent lamps.

The results do not suggest that the use of energy saving lamps could endanger health. On the other hand, these lamps contribute significantly to energy savings. Employed in a substantial way instead of incandescent and halogen lamps, they save around 1800 GWh, or 3% of Swiss electricity consumption.

- Federal Office of Energy (OFEN) -
- Gregor Durrenberger - Mobile Communication Research Foundation - tel
: + 41 1 632 28 15
- Georg Klaus - Maxwave AG - tel: +41 43 299 70 07
- Felix Frey - Office federal de l'energie - tel: +41 31 322 56 44
- Beatrix Kuttel - Federal Office of Public Health - tel: +41 31 322 95
Sources: Press release from the Federal Office of Energy (OFEN),
2/12/2004 "Energy saving lamps: minimal electromagnetic field",

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