Kyot'Home version 2

After being offered to you with spreadsheets, Kyot'Home is back for its second version in the form of a dynamic PHP / MySQL website hosted by

You can now calculate your CO2 emissions and compare them to the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol thanks to our new website accessible online at

Your objective will therefore be to analyze and reduce your energy consumption at home, in order to lower your emissions - and your bills - enough for your home to become a “Kyot'Home”, respecting the Kyoto commitments.

You will be offered advice on energy savings as well as articles on Greenhouse Gases, the Kyoto Protocol and related subjects.

We therefore invite you to visit this new site, to leave feedback, to get started in energy saving yourself and to intervene on the forum of, section “the Kyot'Home program”.

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Julien (Rulian), Arnaud (Nono) and Christophe (Econology)

Visit the KH website and participate in the program, click here.

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