Jean Luc Perrier: solar hydrogen

Extract from the article "The solar hydrogen car supplants the electric car" by Luc Augier, Science et Vie, 1979

Jean Luc Perrier, 34 years old, professor at the Catholic University of Angers, believes in hydrogen but his limited means do not allow him to worry about performance. This hydrogen he chose to obtain from a solar plant providing steam, which drives a turbine which in turn actuates an alternator assigned to the electrolysis of water.

For the moment, Jean Luc Perrier has materialized both ends of his chain.

  • A set of 263 mirrors fixed on a metal frame 12 meters by 8,60 meters - pivoting with the sun thanks to a system of photoelectric cells - focusing the heat on a boiler, the temperature of which they raise to 800 ° C.

  • The conversion of a Simca 1000 engine (purchased 300 F to the case and displaying more than 100 000 kilometers) running on either propane or hydrogen, either taken from commercial bottles.
  • The adaptation carried out proves at least that the transformation is easy at the inlet of the carburettor open a normal supply tube, a lower flow tube for idling operation and a "take-back" tube whose flow is modulated by a vacuum system taken from the usual ignition vacuum correction.

  • All done with the means at hand, with passion, with the sole intention of showing that "it can work".
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13 comments on “Jean Luc Perrier: solar hydrogen”

    1. It's not the same thing… 🙂 You cite a patent for the H2-O2 combustion of an internal combustion engine… which will certainly improve combustion! (It is already good and shameful for car manufacturers that it was not used… never… in short….)

      JL Perrier made him solar generation of hydrogen based on thermolysis of water ... and he succeeded! And he died… certainly!

  1. I am Estelle Perrier, the daughter of Jean-Luc Perrier. We miss him all of us ..
    Soon his book, his work, his passion… will be online. I owe it to him and to you too.

    1. In tribute to Mr. JLPerrier for his work on renewable energies and the vector H2.
      Receive our sincere considerations for his work.
      President of the association: "LES COMPAGNONS d'EOLE / CLUB HYDROGENE,

    2. Hello Mrs. Estelle Perrier,
      Former Angevin, I bought your father's book at the open house in September 1980. I did not find it in the family home.
      Can we get his book if it has been reissued?
      All my thanks.
      Best regard.

    3. Hello Estelle
      I don't know if you remember me, we met as children in Ste eulalie, moreover Jean Luc finished his book under the awning of our caravan the day before your accident which cost him his life. That's part of why dad is named on the thank you page for this precious book that I have kept for so long.
      Eric Doucet

    4. Well done to your father, I too had a prototype of a hydrogen engine in 2002. We were all a little ahead of the coming catastrophe, but money from oil, gas, is king on Earth…

      Nothing to hope for absolutely nothing ...

    1. Hello, My name is Jacques HOULLIERE, I am a former student of the Baronnerie Saint d'Anjou in 1980, 81,82. I knew Jean luc PERRIER as a professor of industrial design. We were all passionate about his delusions of invention and his explosive humor. He came to Baronnerie with his Hydrogen vehicles. All technical classes, went to visit his solar installations.
      I was and we were all shocked by the sudden disappearance of Jean Luc, especially since he had warned us of threats received. I am convinced of the Coluche murder.
      Can we find his books or are they also banned from publications?
      if someone hears me, thank you for answering me.
      My respectful greetings to Estelle if she reads me.
      ps: The museum in Poitiers is it visitable?
      jacques HOULLIERE

      1. Hello,
        I'm looking for Jean-Luc Perrier's book that I bought during an open house at his place in September 1980.
        Have you received any answers about the possibility of getting his books?
        Best regard.

  2. Hello
    The links to Mr. Perrier's scanned book above no longer work.
    Please write to me directly at fred. boutet [at] wanadoo. Fr ; I will do my best to make them accessible.
    It seems incredible to me that we cannot share such a treasure today, forty years later.

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