JD Power: consumers say they will buy hybrids, but do not!

This study concerns of course the United States, since in France the hybrids available for sale can be counted on the fingers of the hand of a retired woodcutter, that the availability of alternative fuels in the stations is close to the laughable and that we are unfortunately spectators of this healthy emulation around the emergence of these clean vehicles in many other countries.

On the new continent therefore, and despite rising fuel prices, the Americans bought as many 4, 6 and 8 cylinders as last year at the same time.

Even if the price of gas has become a favorite subject both in family meals between burgers and in the press across the Atlantic, consumers would not change their habits.

At the same time, a third of US households say they intend to buy a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle in the near future, according to a Wall Street Journal survey. 90% of them would even be willing to pay an extra 7500 € to buy one.

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Lyrics, words and words, as Dalida would say.


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