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Tips for gardening in a more natural way and reducing your impact on the environment

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Find out more and share your "green" tips: eco tips and tricks for a greener garden

  • Water your plants, flower beds and vegetable gardens, in the morning or in the evening: not only do plants not like watering during the day, but also evaporation will be reduced.
  • Collect rainwater to water your garden. A large cistern is not necessary, a simple plastic bin (or other) under the gutters is sufficient. You can mount several bins "in series" according to your needs and the size of your roof.

    There are water collection systems to be placed on the gutter without having to completely cut it and risk an overflow of your drip trays.

  • Preferably use natural fertilizers: nettles, algae, peat ...
  • Practice composting. If it is well maintained it will make you an excellent fertilizer for the rest of the garden.
  • Try to match your plants and / or vegetables so that they are in biological symbiosis: one defends the other against aggressors and vice versa. There are many specialized books on the subject.
  • To weed, use "mechanical" rather than "chemical" methods: the pickaxe and the hoe ...

Find out more and share your "green" tips: eco tips and tricks for a greener garden

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