I blame the triumphant economy

Albert Jacquard

Albert Jacquard, I accuse triumphant economy

Language French Publisher: LGF - Livre de Poche (12 janvier 2000)
Collection: Literature
Format: Pocket - 188 pages
ISBN: 2253147753


There is no longer a day when we are told that the economy rules the world, that the laws of profitability and the market constitute an absolute truth. Anyone who challenges this new religion is immediately treated as irresponsible. But can a human society live without any other value than the market value? Taking his examples in the most varied fields - housing, employment, health, environment, food… - Albert Jacquard demonstrates the misdeeds of triumphant and fanatic economism which today claims to govern us. Economist and scientist, tireless defender of the right to housing, he sets out here in rigorous and clear pages, supported by extensive information, the convictions which underpin his commitment. He invites us to reject the inhuman fatality of economic fundamentalism.

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For the famous geneticist, the fundamental error of economism is to reduce human activities to the production and consumption of goods capable of satisfying the needs of our organism; other needs are never taken into account, those on which happiness depends.

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