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Investing in ecology in the midst of a health crisis: what advice?

La Covid-19 health crisis seems set to last. Despite everything, economic life is slowly picking up. Many companies are bloodless and need to be able to bet on relevant and profitable investments in the short and long term. The French state stands alongside companies that focus on ecology and a true ecological transition.

Recovery plans and the green economy

It is obvious that this health crisis has changed the perception of consumers, but also of entrepreneurs: confinement has shown the limits of globalization. Consumers are sensitive to the ecological argument, transition to renewable energies and clean is essential and government measures promote green initiatives. Attractive investments can therefore be made in ecological investments. The coronavirus crisis can be a great opportunity to embark on a new, more sustainable approach: the ecological transition also involves choosing to invest in green economy.

A fiduciary to choose your futures investments

To optimize a “green” investment, you need a favorable tax environment like in Switzerland, which also favors green projects. You can opt for services of a fiduciary in Geneva for example to improve the profitability of this investment. A trust company will offer you tailor-made advice and personalized project management. It will help you find the opportunities and investments suited to your situation, and allow you to benefit from a favorable economic context to better focus on the nature of your investments. You can, for example, invest in green funds or in clean energies.

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The impact of the coronavirus on the world and investments

The health crisis has put a real brake on the growth of certain companies and on projects that are sometimes very ambitious. This halt had serious consequences for these companies, but also for the investors who had bet on them. Green economy and investing in a company with ecological projects are a solution a lot safer than some traditional investments. Indeed, the funds can be guaranteed by the State or certified by labels, ensuring you an ethical and ecological investment less risky than more volatile assets such as oil or natural gas. To secure your investments, you can benefit from a more interesting economic framework in Switzerland, for example, and the fiduciary can help you.

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What is the impact of these investments for your business?

Sustainable development, degrowth and the green economy have become common notions discussed in our daily lives. They are now determining factors in the process of consumer choice. Entrepreneurs have every interest in investing for the future, in committed companies or ecological projects. Here are some arguments that demonstrate the impact of these investments in a green economy.

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A positive image for the company that invests

According to a study carried out by The Natural Marketing Institute, 58% of consumers will prefer to buy products or services if they know that the company is engaged in a real ecological transition. They are even willing to spend 20% more when purchasing products or services.

Real investment opportunities

Investing in this type of “green” business is a solution for the future, because they have demonstrated their ability to reinvent themselves. The hopes of a return on investment are much more important, in particular in a favorable tax environment like Switzerland, because this universe will become essential in the years to come, whether we want it or not. Initiatives sustainable development, have the wind in their sails both with consumers and partners of these companies.

We are going to have to review our way of producing, but also of living and moving. The green economy is no longer an alternative, but almost a single path.

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