nano-spike CO2 ethanol

Convert CO2 (+ water + electricity) into ethanol fuel by "nano-spike" catalysis!

Nano-Spike catalysis; Discovery of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory made a little ... by chance! The process makes it possible to obtain ethanol from CO2, electricity and water in the presence of a specific nano-catalyst called Nano-Spike. The reported return on electricity is 60 to 70%, which is acceptable provided renewable electricity is used (the process [...]

Lipo Lithium Battery

electric transport (Lipo) Heat VS (petrol): criteria for choosing a battery and comparative calculations

The performance of electric transport depends strongly on the quality of their batteries. It is currently the real Achilles heel that limits the development of electric propulsion, both in road transport, maritime and ... that air obviously. We present a quick state of the art Lithium-Polymer battery performance currently on the [...]

Design of an Archimedes screw for hydropower - INSA Strasbourg

Dimensioning of an Archimedes screw for hydropower - INSA Strasbourg. Optimization of an Archimedes screw for the production of energy in micro-hydroelectric plants. KEYWORDS: Fluid Mechanics, Renewable Energy, Micro Hydroelectric, Archimedes' Screw, Experimentation Abstract The use of the Archimedean screw in micro-hydroelectric plants is a way […]

Legnobloc, wooden cinder block with insulation BBC

Video presentation of the Legnobloc, cinder block made of cementitious wood. With the integration of polystyrene insulation, this block of cement wood (at least on paper) offers very good thermal and mechanical performance for low-energy buildings (BBC) and the RT2012 standard. Read more, discussion and technical characteristics: Legnobloc, the cinder block in [...]

Pulsating Auer, pulsating gas condensing boiler

Videos showing the Pulse of Auer, a gas boiler inspired by the Pulso Reactor in aeronautics (in particular used by the flying bomb V1) How does it work? The innovation of the Pulsatoire boiler introduces a real technological revolution in the world of gas boilers. More economical, more environmentally friendly, easier to use and install, this combustion boiler [...]

PlasmHyRad combustion assisted Plasma and Hydrogen Radicals

PlasmHyRad project, Hydrogen and Radical assisted combustion. By JM Cornier, University of Orléans, GREMI - CNRS - MINISTRY OF RESEARCH. Plasma ionization project of combustion air and fuel to improve the efficiency and decontamination of internal combustion engines. The tests involve methane, the simplest of [...]

Download: Report on Urban Transport: energy and organization

Project of Technological Research carried out by Christophe Martz at the ENSAIS and supported at the end of January 2001. It is a study of congestion in urban centers and an inventory of the various technological solutions that could improve air quality and traffic conditions in urban centers. Unanimous conclusion: the organization and the behaviors of [...]

Independent inventors and NIH syndrome: Not Invented Here

Independent Inventors and NIH Syndrome These videos show the problems faced by independent inventors in trying to pitch their ideas to industry or business. The blocking encountered has a name: the NIH syndrome: Not Invented Here, in other words in French, the syndrome "Not Invented Here"! This NIH syndrome makes good [...]

rotary engine sorting lobique 3

For a better exploitation of natural energy flows Author and inventor: Pascal HA PHAM Tri lobic rotary motor on forums Read the previous page 5. Example of a machine meeting the new requirements The rotary converter motor with tri-lobular annular piston meets the criteria mentioned above. Figure 1: photo of the interior of a […]

Inventions on energy

Inventions for energy and the environment Propose inventions In this section you will find presentations of inventions that the site has seen fit to present in order to support their development. These inventions affect in particular the field of energy, both in terms of conversion and the rationalization of resources. If you know of a […]

Embedded reforming reactor Martz-Salelles

Title of patent (s): Device improving the operation of physico-chemical transformation reactors used upstream of energy conversion systems and in particular of thermal engines Keywords: Reforming, reforming, cracking, cracking, vapocraking, catalytic cracking, cracking thermal, catalyst, fuel cell, hydrogen, synthesis, oxygenation, autothermal, exothermic, endothermic. Patent number: […]

Renault patent: hydrogen generation by high temperature conversion of water vapor

Renault patent: generation of hydrogen by high temperature conversion of water vapor Keywords: Reforming, reforming, cracking, cracking, vapocraking, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, catalyst, fuel cell, fuel cell, hydrogen, synthesis, oxygenation, autothermal, exothermic, endothermic. Title of patent (s): Process and device for generating hydrogen by conversion at high temperature with […]

Galey generator

Title of patent (s): Electromagnetic and static electric current generator. Practically one of the only French patents in the field. Based on the use of intrinsic magnetic fields of strong magnets. Patent number: FR2312135 N ° 75 15840 Inventor: Galey Paul Marcel Lucien. Date of deposit: May 21, 1975 Date of Forfeiture […]

Invention patents for ecology

Invention patents: introduction. In this section you will find patents for inventions relating to processes, which we consider interesting, which aim, for example, to improve energy consumption, reduce pollution or allow the use of an alternative fuel to petroleum. All relate to the field of energy and to a lesser extent that of […]

Makhonine: fuel by coal liquefaction

The Makhonine process: liquefaction of coal, an invention forgotten like so many other Press reviews concerning the Makhonine process making it possible to obtain, from coal or wood, a liquid fuel halfway between petrol and diesel. These articles appeared in the press during the year 1981 probably following the oil crises […]