The intensity of the laser will cause matter to spring from the void

The biography of the equation E = mc 2 is far from complete. The remarkable illustration of this in the fiction documentary broadcast by Arte on Sunday, October 16 (A biography of the E = mc2 equation, by Gary Johnstone) could soon experience a new exciting chapter.

At the Applied Optics Laboratory (LOA), common to the National School of Advanced Techniques (Ensta), the Polytechnic School and the CNRS, Palaiseau (Essonne), Gérard Mourou is getting closer to the moment when he can bring out matter from a vacuum ...

“Emptiness is the mother of all matter,” he says with a certain jubilation. In the perfect state, “it contains a gigantic quantity of particles per cm3… and just as many antiparticles”. From where a zero sum which leads to this apparent absence of matter which we call… the vacuum. What challenge the definition of the dictionary for which, since the fourteenth century, the latter is a "space which is not occupied by matter". This was counting without antimatter and without the famous formula E = mc 2, which Albert Einstein deduced from special relativity a hundred years ago, in 1905.

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