Insulation of plaster and plasterboard

Thermal transmission coefficients (lambda) of plaster and plasterboard (plasterboard, gyproc, etc.)

This article is part of a general article on the heat transfer coefficients

Lambda given in W / mK

  • Placo plaster plasterboard standard 0.25

  • Placo plaster-fire plaster 0.25

  • Plaster high hardness mass vol. 800 0.30

  • Plaster high hardness mass vol. 600 0.18

  • Plaster high hardness mass vol. 1400 0.56

  • Plaster high hardness mass vol. 1100 0.43

  • Common plaster (interior plaster) mass vol. p <= 1000 0.40

  • Current plaster (interior plaster) mass vol. 1200 0.57

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