Installation, maintenance and use of a Buderus wood boiler

Assembly, maintenance and use of a Buderus wood boiler. Assembly and maintenance instructions for the correct use and maintenance of a Buderus wood-fired boiler.

How to clean your wood boiler? How to avoid boring and tarring? How to limit condensation? Some answers are present in this manual edited by Buderus.

Notes: This manual contains important information necessary for the reliable and professional assembly, commissioning, use and maintenance of the boiler.

These assembly and maintenance instructions are intended for the heating engineer who - thanks to his training and professional experience - has the necessary knowledge to use heating systems.

Information on the use of the boiler is addressed to the operator and is marked accordingly.

The wood fuel boilers in the Logano S121 and Logano S121 WT versions are referred to below as the boiler.

Any discrepancies between the versions will be specified.

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