Chambrin water injection

Title of the patent (s): Apparatus and combination of means allowing the conditioning of a mixture of water and fuel, and, at the limit of pure water, by causing a thermochemical reaction generating the production of hydrogen and a plasma state of matter, for use in a heat engine or in a heating system.

Patent number: FR2302420

Inventor: Jean Chambrin, 76000 Rouen

Date of removal: 25th February 1975

Our scientific opinion:

“Pre-treat fuel with waste heat from exhaust gases to increase efficiency and allow alternative fuel combustion. " Here is what the title of Jean Chambrin's patent could have been. Let us note immediately that the similarities with the patent of Mr Pantone are obvious: it is very surprising that it is not cited in priority on the patent of Mr Pantone (which dates from 1998).
Mr Chambrin's process is all the same more complicated since the pipes / exchangers between exhaust gas and intake gas are machined in a spiral, but the general principle remains the same.
Under certain conditions this process would make it possible to “run” with pure water. It seems quite mysterious because without input (even a little) of external energy (unicycle)

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On the other hand, it would seem that the process, once raised in temperature, was (is) capable of burning a mixture of up to 50% water and 50% alcohol (ethyl or methyl).

We remind our visitors that 40% of the energy of a combustion engine is lost in the exhaust gases and that no technique is currently used to try to recover part of this energy in order to promote efficiency. overall engine (except Turbo).

In this sense, the idea of ​​Chambrin, like that of Pantone, is very honorable.

What happened to the patent?

Concerning Mr. Chambrin, the information differs according to the sources, he is considered as "disappeared". One hypothesis is that he died, another that he "retired" to Canada and ended his life in "good" financial conditions. We do not know more, if you have more information about Mr Chambrin, you can indicate it in reaction to this article. Thank you !

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Documents to download

1) Download the Chambrin patent FR2302420

2) Download the “original” patent of Chambrin on water injection FR226390

3) Read the addendum to the original patent FR2293604 entitled: Device for fitting out a combustion engine with a view to supplying it with fuel supplemented with water

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