Pantone engine theory of cavitation, relaxation, supersonic shock wave in the reactor

Hypothesis of explanations of operation of the Gillier-Pantone reactor by cavitation and expansion of the two-phase mixture (not superheated water vapor) followed by a supersonic compression shock wave ionizing the gas mixture. This theory, remaining in the state of hypotheses, would be complementary to the theory of the ionization of water vapor. Document deleted at the request of the author, on […]

Explanation of the Pantone engine: ionization and electrification of water vapor expansion

This document is a complement to the theory of the ionization of water vapor during a doping with water system G or G + Document in English showing that the water vapor which expands is electrically charged and this can lead to electric shocks, which can be dangerous. Journal of Electrostatics, 23 (1989) 69-78 Elsevier […]

Download: Project echo engine by Mines de Douai, Final Report

Echo-Motor project on the Pantone process by the engineering school of Mines de Douai. Our project consists of the study of the Pantone reactor. Our choice was to make and test prototypes based on the plans of the initial patent and to disseminate our results and our approach. We did not want to test a […]

Radical reactions and cracking

Radical reactions in the Pantone reactor. by PG doctor of oceanography. Find out more: forum on understanding the pantone engine and water doping Introduction. Radical reactions take place following the excitation of an electron from an atom which changes to the singlet state (s2 or s1) then to the more stable triplet state (T1) […]

Download: Pantone engine video on TF1, Renault 21 car water doping

 Pantone engine video on TF1 on R21: report broadcast on TF20's 1pm newscast on November 15, 2005. It concerns an R21 diesel break car doped with water according to the pantone assembly… Find out more: - Water doping on TF1 (water injection engine) - Forum Pantone engine assembly and water injection in […]

Tips for mounting a pantone

Practical advice for assembling your first “Pantone” engine. Introduction These tips have been written to be accessible to all, without special means of realization and without welding simply with plumbing material available everywhere. They follow the following plans (click to enlarge): Obviously if you have more means, you […]

Advantages and disadvantages of the Pantone engine

What are the advantages but above all the disadvantages of a Pantone engine? Keywords: engine, pantone, advantages, disadvantages, limitations, problem, research, development, pollutant, water, injection, carburetor We can read a lot about the Pantone engine, here are the proven and well-founded facts about the system. These facts are classified in the form of advantages and disadvantages. […]

FAQ pantone engine

Keywords: pantone engine, pantone process, operation, assumptions, pollution reduction, consumption, veracity. In order to try to put an end to the various speculations concerning the pantone process, here is a series of sure and certain scientific facts concerning the assumptions that can be made around this process. More explanations on the pantone engine FAQs This FAQ page […]

Original plan pantone engine

Here is the basic plan distributed by Paul Pantone on the Internet at the end of the 1990s, redrawn by JL Naudin Keywords: pantone engine plan, modification, small engine Click to enlarge. Please note that this is a "basic" plan without any improvement and you will quickly notice its limits (especially when it comes to using a single […]

Pantone engine overview

What is the Pantone Engine or Pantone System? By Christophe Martz, ENSAIS M2001 mechanical engineer and founder of econology Keywords: system, engine, process, Pantone, water, fuel, cracking, treatment, pollution control I obtained my ENSAIS engineering degree by doing a study on the Pantone engine, this page will help you understand in a few minutes […]

Main results of Pantone engine

How does the process work and what are the main results? The principle of operation The principle of operation is simple: the heat usually lost in the exhaust gases comes to “pre-treat” the intake gases in order to break the hydrocarbon molecules into smaller molecules. This results in better combustion in the engine and therefore […]

What is the pantone engine?

What is the Pantone system or "engine"? (the term pantone engine is a misnomer: it is a process or a system mounted on existing engines) Keywords: system, pantone engine, process, water, fuel, cracking, treatment, depollution Its name comes from the American inventor Paul Pantone who […]

I met Paul Pantone

The meeting with Mr Pantone (February 2002) In mid January 2002, that is to say 3 months after obtaining my engineering diploma, I decided to go meet Mr Pantone in the USA. This decision did not happen overnight. In fact, I had already exchanged a few emails with Paul who invited me to go see him during a "[…]