steam generator, principle and advantages

Operating principle of the GP Plus system: an instantaneous steam generator to supply a GP system (Gillier Pantone) The "GP +" system is an evolution of water doping with bubbler, called the GP system (in honor of its first experimenter, the farmer Antoine Gillet) by replacing the bulky bubbler by a steam generator. The original idea arose […]

Map and advice of a Gillier Pantone water doping on diesel engine

How to build a GP water doping (Gillier Pantone) on a diesel engine for automobile or industrial vehicle? By André P. and Christophe M. September 2007 Here is a plan and some precious advice concerning the doping of a diesel engine or vehicle using the Gillier Pantone technique of doping with water to reduce consumption […]

Toyota Hilux 2L4

Water doping on a Toyota Hilux 2,4L of 145500Km. Installation of the reactor and the bubbler on the batti, the oil filter remains accessible! Everything is removable. The bubbler / reactor or reactor / venturi fittings do not exceed 26cm! The 310 stainless steel core with a length of 150mm is maintained by a centering device and welded. The annular space is 1mm (reactor […]

Geolocation and exchange of engine experiences on water injection offers you an experience sharing service on water injection into engines. The objective is therefore to facilitate informal meetings between econologists, and to satisfy the simple curiosity of knowing where the members of the forums. Registration is obviously free and if, after reflection, you wish to be unsubscribed, it is possible by contacting […]