Water injection Mercedes 300TD

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I am trying to build a water doping for 300 1992 turbodiesel (6 143 cylinders CV).

Initial assembly and errors!

I started by a steel reactor (14 mm rod in a tube of 15 / 21 20 mm length cm) branch of the exhaust pipe and under the car for not completely change my exhaust pipe and fault space.
I had envisioned a spray injector (for gasoline) powered by a pump (Bosch gasoline) modified stainless steel.
The control circuit was based on either:
on an astable multivibrator NE555 therefore slots generator controlled by the accelerator control,
or by a piezoelectric sensor sensing the opening time of a fuel injector ...
For the arrival of "pantonisés" gas I realized a simple copper tube (12 / 14) coming into the intake side to the turbo with a slight restriction on the rubber boot.
not difficult to find a submerged fuel pump, removable and not too expensive,
the piezoelectric circuit is not easy to achieve for mechanical reasons and vibration damping but opening one seems to detect an injector by the deformation of steel pipe.

Errors (fatal!):
the shunt connection and a bit far, do not give enough heat despite good insulation with rock wool,
and especially big mistake there is almost no vacuum to suck something, even a little narrowing the turbo inlet sleeve ...
And steel for the tube so that obviously rust!

So I redesigned my assembly and I'm building a rectangular box directly through the exhaust at the exit of the turbo and containing 3 15 reactors cm length and 10 cm all 304 stainless steel rod, except inside the normal steel rod. The short throttle output of the turbo is sheathed in stainless steel tube as well. There is a slight restriction of the section for the exhaust to the output of the reactor box.
For suction I already try a throttle retractable gas by a relatively weak spring in the inlet upstream of the turbo, then the suction is strong from idle but do not too much otherwise the engine s 'muffled.
The supply of spray water is provided by a mower carburetor which is already modified (with resin) to reduce the diameter.
Heating the water is provided either by a copper winding tube around the outlet (as my first assembly) by the more stable cooling circuit in temperature.
Heating the air will be done by the former reactor (downstream) without its stem (hence the 15 / 21 tube).
The construction of the exhaust outlet and the stainless box is now my big job because the place is measured. We must plan bends etc ... for implantation!
And I'm not a welder, former, tinker, mechanic, etc. So I form the same time!
Well I'm not ready to go and all to visit Christophe ...
But I do not despair, and thank you all for your testimony and Andrew for his advice.
See you.

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