Live from India: some environmental briefs

ENERGY 26 proposals for the West Bengal unconventional energy project.

"Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd", Hyderabad, "Suzlon India Ltd", Gujarat and "Shri Vasavi Industry", Hyderabad, are among the 26 companies which have reacted favorably to the projects of the "West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency" (WBREDA), Calcutta , to meet the identified need of 400 MW in renewable energy.

The projects are geared towards wind, hydroelectric and biomass energy.

After the authorization of the Indian Ministry of Forests and Environment for projects over 25 MW, they will start at the end of the year. The desire of companies to electrify two or three villages now will make it easier to identify the final candidates.


Sources: business line, 10 / 05 / 2004, Editor: ROBIC Erwan

ENVIRONMENT: A power station running on kitchen waste

The Sadar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute (SPERI) has developed a reactor to produce biogas from kitchen waste.

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With the installation of such a plant in the vicinity of a large kitchen, the problem of waste treatment is solved, cheap gas is produced and the residue from the reaction in the plant can be used as fertilizer in the garden.

- Sources: AT news, 04/2004, Editor: ROBIC Erwan

ENVIRONMENT: Indo-European cooperation on solid waste and drinking water management projects in West Bengal

In order to help West Bengal to improve social and physical infrastructure in urban areas, the Bengal authorities appealed to the European Commission to improve waste management and water treatment in the outskirts of Calcutta.

For a year now, West Bengal has been conducting decentralized cooperation with regions of Italy and Spain on this problem. Italy is also ready, subject to the acceptance of projects by the respective governments, to finance for an amount of 25 million euros solid waste management projects in 14 cities and drinking water supply in 13 cities. .

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This aid follows that organized by the "Department for International Development" (DFID), England, which had financed 140 million euros of projects in 40 villages in the suburbs of Calcutta. The rapid urbanization of Indian cities poses a real challenge to urban development in terms of waste treatment and drinking water supply.

Editor: ROBIC Erwan.

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