India: aerial metro project

The city of Pune has taken an extra step in staffing a metro after Konkan Railway Corporation has successfully completed an air metro test. A few days earlier, the leaders of this company had announced the success of the tests in Goa despite the accident in September that killed a person.
The air metro is suspended by a rail above the cars and must be an alternative to the motorway and rail links. During the test, he traveled 40 km for one hour. It should run at a speed of 120 km / h during a next test. KRC has proposed to use this metro on a circuit of 25 km; the cost of erecting a km of line would be estimated at 500 million rupees, or about 9 million euros. In Goa, a concrete structure supports cars traveling by engine provided by the Austrian company ELIN EGB. The boggies are attached from the top leaving the car hanging in the air.

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Sources: The Pioneer, 29 / 07 / 2004; Cities, 16 / 09 / 2004

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