India: the electricity from the tree Babool

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The beneficial effects of Babool on health have long been known in India. By chewing a piece of Babool, tannin it contains provides protection against mold and bacteria that lodge in the oral appliance. Research is also undertaken by the Department of unconventional energy sources in Rajasthan, or the plant is present in abundance, to study the feasibility of producing electricity from combustion.

According to studies, 12 7.5 kg Babool produce kWh of electricity. The production of electricity from the Babool is less expensive (2.50 Rs / unit) than conventional sources (3 4.5 has Rs / unit). Grace has a center that is installed with the help of the state of Rajasthan and the Indian government, it will be possible to offer very profitable electricity using agricultural raw materials not used for hard electrifiable regions.

Source: Hindustan Times, 08 / 09 / 2004
Editor: ROBIC Erwan


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