The impact of rainfall would influence plate tectonics

The erosion caused by the rains would affect the movement of the continental plates at the level of the mountains according to a study carried out by geophysicists at the University of Toronto.

Professor Russell Pysklwec, Department of Geology, relied on several computer models to simulate climatic variations that can create and change the structure of mountains over millions of years. Professor Russell Pysklwec also conducted his research in the Southern Alps of New Zealand where the mountains are high and geologically young. The results of the study showed that the rains in the Southern Alps of New Zealand (which only produce 1 cm of erosion per year) compared to the rains in Southern California (which generate only a tenth of a centimeter per year). year of erosion) considerably change the behavior of plate tectonics at mountain level, in particular by accentuating their displacement.

The study was published in the journal, Geology, in April 2006.

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