Mauritius wants to develop wind energy

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After solar energy and that produced from bagasse and coal, Maurice turns to wind as part of its national policy to make maximum use of renewable energy resources, PANA learned from a government source Wednesday .

Discussions are currently under way on this subject between the Central Electricity Board (CEB), the sole electricity supplier on the island, and the Indian company Suzlon Energy Ltd, with the aim of creating an electricity generation park in the area. from wind farms in Bigara, in the center of the island

According to a government official, this framework approach with national policy favoring the exploitation of renewable energy sources, given the constantly rising costs of petroleum products on the world market. It also is consistent with the agreement signed between Mauritius and India in order to encourage investment in this field.

"This electricity generation park will include about twenty wind turbines with a production capacity of 25 megawatts. But the electricity produced will depend on the speed of the winds in the region, "he said.

Wind energy is not new in Mauritius, where a wind turbine was installed in the Great Basin in the south, 1987, with assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) before being abandoned after 17 months of operation due to a supply problem of spare parts.

Rodrigues Island to 350 km northeast of Maurice and dependent, has it, a small production plant with three turbines since 2003.

About 56% of electricity production on the island is provided by heavy oil, 39% from bagasse and coal and 5% by water turns turbines.



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