Hypothesis of water thermolysis

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To esssayer to end speculation about the different pantone process, here is a series of safe and facts about certain scientific hypotheses that can be done about this process.

Splitting water thermolytically

The first decomposition of water was made by Lavoisier, by passing steam over red-hot iron (pyrolysis). In doing so, he established that the water does not state a chemical element but a body composed of several elements.

The water starts to become significant thermolysis to 750 ° C and is complete to 3 000 ° C. The reaction produces dioxygen and dihydrogen

2H2O ↔ 2H2 + O2

source: Wikipedia

This point of 750 ° C can be further decreased by the presence of catalyst such as platinum and chromium. The ceriated steel (added cerium) Would also be a strong catalyst for the thermolysis of water.


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