HVB-Diesel: Prohibited Mixtures

If theoretically, it is possible to mix vegetable oil with diesel to run a diesel engine, this practice is illegal in France. Offenders face a large fine, in addition to having to pay the TIPP on the contents of their tank!

With fuel prices continuing to soar, many motorists are looking for alternative solutions to lower their bills. In recent times, mixing vegetable oils, mainly rapeseed oil or frying oil, with diesel has emerged as the solution to many owners of diesel vehicles. But beware, if the use of this type of mixture is possible without too much mechanical risk (see box), it is not the same with regard to French customs legislation.

Indeed, this type of “petro-vegetable” cocktail is completely illegal, because all fuels sold in France, whatever their origin, are subject to the internal tax on petroleum products (TIPP). Apart from a strong smell of frying at the exhaust outlet, it is difficult to know visually if a car uses a diesel / vegetable oil mixture, unlike cars that run on domestic fuel betrayed by reddish traces around the tank cap. . However, no offender is safe, because one can be checked at any time and anywhere in the territory by customs officials. In fact, it is up to the Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Rights (DGDDI) to collect the TIPP and therefore to repress any fraud. "The surprised motorist is liable to a fine of up to twice the amount of duties and taxes evaded for violation of the regulations on petroleum products and he will also have to adjust the TIPP applicable to diesel", specifies the DGDDI. The damage is then assessed by customs officials based on the estimated quantity of the mixture present in the tank.

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Note of econology: according to this, the current "pseudo crisis" on fuels would have had only a rather harmful effect on HVB. It has, in fact, made our leaders aware that the movement of users of HVB was probably more important than they thought. They thus hurried to set up a repressive or preventive policy (for the future potential consumers) and especially strongly mediatized. You said: "France country of human rights"?

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