Oil breaks the engines?

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She breaks oil engines?

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Rapeseed oil will damage the engine

Diesel engines have problems with a fuel oilseed rape. 110 of experimental tractors circulated by the Ministry of the German Federal Environment since 2002 Eight no longer work due to severe engine damage. 71 tractors have to undergo major repairs or small, and only 31 have works without any problems.

The reasons of damage are from poor preparation oil, which clogs the filter and damage the injection pumps. (Therefore in any of the principle of the use of this biofuel)

Experience with tractors 110 3 to last year. It should show whether canola oil is a good fuel, what kind of engine supports it well, and eventually what changes to achieve and what quality of oil should be chosen.

Edgar Remmele from Freising's Competence Center for New Fuels accompanies the project. The problems do not surprise him. Half of the fuel samples do not have a sufficient level of quality. This fuel has nothing to do with the Bio-Diesel that is currently marketed in petrol stations. If Bio-Diesel is also a plant-based fuel, it is prepared, refined according to a particular process, which gives it the same quality as ordinary diesel. On the other hand, the fuel of experimental tractors is simply "supermarket" rapeseed oil.

Rapeseed oil has two major advantages over the Bio-Diesel: it is cheap and completely harmless (Meaning that the Bio Diesel or Diester is expensive and dangerous?). So why then is it so championed and sponsored by oil companies?)

Nevertheless the automotive massive use operating at rapeseed oil is, after Edgar Remmele, is also unrealistic. Processing equipment would be much too costly. (This is not the opinion of the various associations and working groups defending the crude vegetable oils ...see the raw vegetable oil fuel)

Sources: daily Handelsblatt, 5 / 07 / 2004
Editor: Jerome Rougnon-Glasson,

source: Said it BE Germany number of 198 8 / 07 / 2004 - Embassy of France


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