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How to be as green as possible with your car?

The car is the most widely used mode of transport in Europe today, but it has a considerable and harmful impact on the environment. Fortunately, it is possible to act accordingly to become a eco-driver and limit excessive fuel consumption. There are some simple things you can do on a daily basis. Find out what are the solutions to become as green as possible with your car.

Buy used auto parts for repairs

This is nothing new, a car that is regularly maintained will pollute less than a vehicle that has problems. So yes, it comes at a cost, but there are tips for saving money while respecting our planet.

Check the load of your tires

Under-inflated tires will require a lot of energy to move the car forward. Do not hesitate to check them regularly. If you need to change them, there are more eco-friendly models. Get advice and think carefully about the choice you are going to make. Some tires will save fuel and therefore reduce your CO2 impact.

Maintain your car properly

A repair of your car at the garage is important. It allows to take stock of the state of it. If you need to change some parts of your vehicle, now is the time to act like an eco-driver. You can choose to use used auto parts for repairs instead of buying new ones. This practice has both economic and ecological advantages.
Today it is easy to find re-used parts adapt to your car. There are websites providing a large number of recycled or reconditioned parts. Whether it is a second-hand engine, a second-hand gearbox, or many other used auto spare parts (fender, airbag, carburetor, fuel filter and hatch, pedals, springs, seats, valves …), You will find a wide choice of high-quality parts on the internet and benefit from fast and direct delivery. To find the spare parts suitable for your vehicle, all you need to do is enter the model of your car and your license plate directly on the site.

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The process is simple and you can save up to 40% while ensuring its efficiency and acting favorably for the environment. Beyond the economic aspect, reusing second-hand parts allows you to register in a eco-responsible approach by avoiding waste and the manufacture of new parts.

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Enroll in a practice encouraged by the State

Le auto parts recycling was approved by the State in January 2017. Since that date, garage owners are required to offer their customers two quotes. One which offers a second-hand spare part and the other presenting the price of the new product. It's up to the customer to choose. This law was put in place to promote the recycling of auto parts. It is preferable to avoid the creation of a new part, when one can give a second life to another which is perfectly reusable.

This practice has a huge a impact on our environment. This avoids unnecessary throwing away of products which are still suitable for use for a few years. By choosing to buy used auto parts, you encourage industries to manufacture fewer new products and therefore you participate in reducing pollution in the world.

By choosing touse recycled parts, you achieve a harmonious eco-responsible repair. An action for which our planet will thank you!

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Think of a new way of driving

There are some tips that we don't necessarily know. And yet, they could save you money and more importantly reduce your gas mileage. By paying attention to these small gestures, you will, in the long run, decrease your ecological impact.

Adopt a quiet drive

The motorists that circulate in the city generally have a nervous or even aggressive behavior. They press the mushroom more easily, but this attitude is very bad for our planet. When accelerating suddenly, the car releases a lot of CO2. If you restart smoothly then you will waste less.
The same applies to braking, when it is brutal, you spend a lot of gasoline. To avoid this, it is advisable to anticipate the situation by slowing down gradually. The more calmly you apply the brake, the less fuel you will consume. By doing this, you can save up to 2 L.
The best is to ride consistently. By adopting a quiet drive, you will over time reduce your ecological impact and the sum of your next fill-ups.

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Don't start with a cold start

You should know that when the engine is cold, the car spends up to twice as much fuel on the first kilometer traveled. This is why we advise you to take a little time before leaving. It is best to warm up your vehicle when it has been idle for a long time. So you become a green driver by starting quietly and avoiding overconsumption of gasoline.

Stop the engine of your car

If you know you are going to be stationary for more than a minute, or even 5 minutes, then stopping your vehicle would be worthwhile. When the engine is running unnecessarily you waste CO2 which spreads in nature. It's too bad ! Especially since it was useless. Do not hesitate to stop the engine of your car when you go for a long break.

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Learn to anticipate your journeys

Have an eco-driving, it is also thinking about the route you are going to take. Sometimes it is better to take a small detour to avoid traffic jams. In fact, by staying stationary for too long, you risk consuming more fuel than if you take a small quiet lane without too much traffic, even if it makes you lose a few more minutes.
It is up to you to plan your travel time, but this technique is sometimes very effective for acting in an environmentally friendly way in the car.

Use air conditioning in moderation

Air conditioning is a tool that uses a lot of energy in the car. It is advisable to use it only in extreme heat. If you have the ability to ventilate with windows, then do so. This will limit your energy consumption and take care of the environment.

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