Green homes of today, a book

Today's ecological homes

Claude Aubert, Antoine Bosse-Platiere, Jean-Pierre Oliva
Editions Living Earth, 2002

To continue with the books dealing with eco-construction.
This time it is not a technical work but a series of meetings with living houses and their owners. The authors devote 4 pages to each house, where those who built them tell their choices, their desires, their constraints.
The diversity of the implementations is striking. Logs of wood, bales of straw, raw brick or adobe, solar panels, canopy ... materials and techniques are really numerous. Some have chosen to have all or part of it built by companies, others have chosen total self-construction.

But in any case, these houses have personality. And these meetings can eventually extend because almost all owners have left their contact information to share their experience. It's your turn!

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