oil rise: doped tractors on national FR3

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Rising oil not that bad! Today a report presented a modified tractor according to the Pantone process (water doping) in the Lille region.

If you do not know what the water doping, read this page.

To my knowledge, this is the first report aired nationnalement about water doping tractors. Too bad the interviewee appropriates some system performance while as I elaborate on the this pageMrs. David and the farmer of the 22 tractor are the "inventors" ... and this in the year 2000!

Obviously not forget the site Quanthomme which aired all this work and he remains the benchmark in this area. This is also why you will not find a lot of detailed plans or testimony on the site econology (except in the report in .pdf and patent). Our primary goal is to understand the system before applying. (Even if one can not do without the other)

This report is a good thing and if a visitor could save the replay of tonight between 19 20h and we might consider putting it on the site.

Meanwhile you can see the edition of 12 / 14 on this page, click here.


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